Do you need a plumber because of your electric water heater in Cape Coral? Maybe you want to upgrade your system and need a new system installed. If you have an older model, many of the newer models are available with cool features such as LCD displays, leak detection, self-cleaning options and pre-set operating modes. These are cool features to have in a home appliance.

However, if you are like many homeowners, you’re probably in need of professional plumbing services because your current electric water is not performing at its best or has totally stopped working. Possibly, the water is too hot or there isn’t any hot water at all.

Maybe you aren’t getting enough hot water because your water heater is not the right size. It is too small for your family’s needs and must be replaced. A professional plumber can install the right size so that your family routine can get back to normal.

Plumbers can handle most hot water heater problems, even ones that include gas lines and electrical wiring. Sure, there are various things you can do on your own when your water heater goes out such as test the circuit breaker, but you should leave its maintenance and repair to the plumbing professionals since it deals with a dangerous power source.

Give R L Wilson Plumbing a call at 239-656-0053 when your electric water heater goes out or if you’re looking for an upgrade. We have installed and repaired hot water heaters in the North Fort Myers area since 1994. We service all leading brands such as Moen, American Standard, Sloan, Theem, Delta, Vortens, Zurn and Kohler.

On a cold winter morning, taking a freezing cold shower is a very undesirable experience indeed. Don’t let it happen to you. Call the pros at R L Wilson Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs.