Your gas water heater rarely takes a rest. Either it is delivering hot water to your shower, dishwasher, washing machine or various faucets. Yet, it is one of the most underappreciated appliances in the home.

If it produces hot water when you need it, you probably never give a thought to its condition. Also, water heaters are usually tucked away in a corner of the garage or behind a closet door that you rarely open.

You will, no doubt, take notice when a blast of cold-water whacks your body during your morning shower. When your water heater quits working, your best option is to call a plumber.

After the plumber finds and fixes the problem would be an ideal time to arrange for annual professional maintenance on your gas water heater. For example, he’ll flush out the tank to remove any buildup of sediment. When sediment is present in the hot water tank, it must work harder to heat the water. This requires more fuel and will show up on your monthly utility bills.

Sediment can also cause your hot water to be rusty. Cleaning out the sediment and re-filling the tank with clear water should eliminate rusty water.

The technician will check the water heater thermostat. If it’s set too high, the risk of serious burns and/or scalding increases. Manufacturers recommended temperature is 120 degrees, which can increase the lifetime of your gas water heater and save you money on utility bills.

Above all, our specialists will make every effort to ensure your hot water heater will not explode.

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