Do you have a clogged drain in Port Charlotte? A clogged drain is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Once water slowly seeps into the drain or even stops draining, it becomes a crisis in need of a professional plumber. If this problem isn’t resolved soon, you can expect your sink or tub to overflow. Since drain water just stays there, also expect disgusting, smelly backflow that can sit there until the problem is eradicated.

It’s common for homes to have clogged drains, but this doesn’t mean you should just look forward to the clogging. The good news is that you can prevent the problem from worsening and even get help earlier. Below are some of the reasons for having clogged drains and how we can most certainly avoid them:

Grease accumulation. This substance doesn’t clog the drain right away. It can seem to pass through the pipes smoothly. After a while, grease thickens on the walls of the drainpipes, eventually forming a blockage. During cold temperatures, the clogs get worse because grease solidifies more quickly. At first, you will experience slow draining, which will develop to stagnant water pooling. Grease traps can help prevent grease clogs. You can also collect grease in used jars and then dispose of it properly.

Broken drainpipe. Once your drainpipe cracks, it allows surrounding particles and materials such as stones and soil to cave into it. This will block the flow of wastewater, resulting in its backflow into your home.

Plant growth. If your home is surrounded by plants, debris could easily invade the drains. Roots from surrounding trees and shrubs can also get into the drainpipes. It is best to plan where the drainpipes will go so that you can position the trees and other plants away from them.

Hair. Though thin, hair can accumulate in drainpipes as well. Most people shave and just let the shaved hair wash down the drain. Each strand may be small but over time, they will collect and become a disgusting clog mass. You can install a trapper in your drain to catch any solid particle such as hair.

Having a professional plumber look at your clogged drain is the best decision anyone could ever make. Add to that the regular maintenance routine such a trained individual can provide to prevent any severe problems. If you want more information or an appointment regarding your drainage system, call us now at 239-656-0053.