In the middle of a busy day, it can be easy to let things slip by your attention. Leaky Faucet in Port Charlotte, for example, are common in many homes across southwest Florida. It’s important to call RL Wilson Plumbing as soon as you notice water no longer stops after turning off a certain tap or a visible leak from a copper pipe under your sink. Leaking faucets waste an enormous amount of water and over time lead to costly repairs if you neglect them.

What causes Leaky Faucet in Port Charlotte?

A Leaky Faucet is often caused by simple wear and tear–the washers inside the faucet develop tears which cause leakage when someone turns on the tap. In some cases rusting in the faucet prevents washers from creating an effective seal, in which case you may need to replace your faucet. Leaky Faucets in Port Charlotte are also commonly caused by the over-tightening of existing components, which can cause damage that will lead to leaks.

A Leaky Toilet is another common plumbing problem. Florida weather changes frequently; Leaky toilets in Port Charlotte are often due to expansion or contraction of the wax ring that seals the water supply line into your toilet tank. Improper installation is another cause of Leaky Toilets–the height between the floor and the flange must be carefully adjusted so it’s level with surrounding tiles for a proper seal. Leaks around your toilet indicate either worn-out washers in the tank or a bad seal between your flange and wax ring. Leaking under your toilet can be dangerous, as it is near any structure’s foundation. Leaky Toilets in Port Charlotte should always be handled by a professional plumber to prevent further damage to your home.

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