Need a plumber for a residential toilet repair? Toilets have common problems and the following are just a few:
– The tank takes too long to fill up
– It continues to run after it is flushed
– The water level gets too low
– You flush it but the contents don’t empty
– The sink and bathtubs make funny sounds when you flush the toilet

But if you are like many homeowners, you’re probably in need of plumbing services due to a clogged toilet.

Toilet Blockages

A toilet can clog up for many different reasons. For instance, did your toddler flush a favorite toy down the toilet? Or did your teenage daughter use too much toilet paper while removing her makeup? These are both instances where someone accidentally puts something down the toilet that causes a blockage.

It’s also a possibility that no one in your family directly caused the toilet blockage. It could be that the toilet doesn’t command enough power to push the water flow through the lines. Also, if you have a lot of trees around your home, tree roots could be blocking the lines.

Call a Professional

A professional plumber can put a camera in the toilet line and determine what has your toilet clogged up. He can unclog the toilet and get rid of the blockage. If it is an older toilet, he can even install a new one if you desire an upgrade or desire a totally new look for your bathroom.

Instead of performing a search for “plumbers near me,” call R L Russell Plumbing at 239-656-0053 if you need a routine or emergency toilet repair in the North Fort Myers area. We are state certified for backflow testing and repair.